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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Red: Character Bio: The Lumberjack

Our adapted tale of Little Red Riding Hood will feature a narrative told by our protagonist.  A detective named Jack.

 Jack is based on the lumberjack featured in the original fable, who appears at the end of the story, cuts the wolf open and saves the yet undigested Red (and Granny)  Is it strange that I'm spiteful of this eventual outcome?

Our depiction of this character is a man riddled with troubles about the inability to solve his case.  He has been after the Wolf for some time but has so far been unable to close the file; the Wolf is still at large. With the eventual kidnapping of Little Red Riding Hood, this all changes.  Jack is the only hope of saving the young girl from who knows what gruesome fate.  This also allows him the opportunity to close on his nemesis, and deliver justice as only a lumberjack could.

I'm thinking a lot of this:

A little bit of this:

Mostly this guy though, I think I unwillingly modeled the entire character of Jack on John Constantine when approaching the storyboard, and the image has just kind of stuck. For me anyway:

A little less of these:

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