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Monday, 21 March 2011

Robox Ep1-Interpretation (Waffle)

Am way behind on blogging, this entry may be pretty big so I'll try break it up.

We were given the task of creating another robot using the kits we had been using for the last fortnight.  The task this time was to create a robot that "does not perform a functional task, but communicates or expresses an idea." we were to produce a "drawing machine."

After spending time reading through the brief and letting the concept sink in, I landed on the interpretation of the brief that I ran with for the entirety of the project; which I'll try and convey.  Essentially we were to create a robot that responded to interactivity in an expressive way, the machine, the drawing, and the 'performance' of demonstrating the capabilities of our machine would all be taken into consideration and assessed.  However I feel that there were several underlying factors that we needed to take into consideration to connect better with the aims of the brief.  What we focused on heavily, and tried to communicate was the concept that the robot was "expressing an idea" - there had to be a purpose for what the machine was ultimately creating, and that final product had to have some commonality between the robot and ourselves.

It was also pretty clear that we would be heavily assessed on the content of our journal, our reflective statement, and what we have blogged about over the course of the project.  So I may have shot myself in the foot by leaving the blogging so late.  Will need to work on running a tighter ship with the next project.

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