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Thursday, 31 March 2011

New Project: Red Riding Hood. (Expect Robox Results Soon)

Our new task is to create an altered version of a kids fable or nursery rhyme, adapted to fit a randomly chosen genre.

We drew Crime/Detective.  We have chosen to adapt Little Red Riding Hood.

We have recently been running through several minor projects using final cut and adobe premier.  Including Reverse-Film Production, and Editing exercises.  Honestly, I initially thought I was going to struggle with this project. The idea of being on the performance side of the lens is one that doesn't appeal to me, but the editing process, the development of ideas into particular scenes and interactions. the intricate level of detail involved in cinematography as an art-form, these do.  Until now these had been outweighed by the nauseous unease involved with performing for a camera, but a week in I'm now looking forward to whatever rolls I have to play, just to see what we can achieve with the finished product.

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