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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Red: Little Red Riding Hood.

Red Riding Hood.  The victim and the source of the story from the original fable. 

W however opted to tell our re-imagining from the perspective of Jack our lumberjack/detective.  As a result we found with no intention, that Little Red Riding Hood (or Marcie) had taken a backseat insofar as character development goes.

The imagery was simple, we wanted to make her clothes reasonably generic so we could demonstrate that she was the average 'girl next door' type (In no way disrespect towards our amazing shoe-filler Larissa Pedersen).  She was targeted by the wolf to be kidnapped for human-trafficking because she fit the bill of attractive 19-20y.o. female, not because she was special in any way.

However to define her as Little Red Riding Hood and one of the leads we gave her the trademark vibrant red overcoat.  We initially wanted to go with a semi-dressy overcoat, but ended up going with a red hoodie, this forced the colour on the screen to contrast to the desired degree, but retained the idea that she was just another girl wandering around our seemingly very dangerous city.  Poor girl...


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