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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Pretty Much A.I.

We recently produced a new character to integrate into the game of chess.  Our latest small assignment was to develop the character idea into a LEGO Mindstorm Robot. To portray a development from our initial assignment the LEGO robot had to emulate the characteristics, and behaviour of the chess piece we had earlier designed.

We got off pretty easy at this stage.  Compared to some of the other more eccentric characters developed by the rest of the class, we had a moderately simple design, with an easy loop-able path.  This allowed more time to focus on tuning the finer points of our newly introduced chess character into the robot.

Simple is good.

After spending the day refining our maniacal laugh, and our on-screen devious eyes, we were happy with the final product.  We left WT005 with absolute faith that our robot was capable of displaying exactly what we needed it to.

We arrive next morning to display our achievements and succumb to what is apparently a mistake made every year; we forgot to charge our batteries.  Along with a few minor hiccups which we missed overnight (it's important to finalize all your programming after your robot is fully constructed, physical adjustments as small as they may be require programming adjustments).

7.jpgPlan these things ahead.  six degrees of separation is a big enough issue to deal with never-mind having to alter the behavior of your construction because you've knocked a wheel out by 2mm when replacing the batteries.  If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing right.

Needless to say, no Nobel prize in the mail yet, but there's always tomorrow.

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