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Monday, 29 October 2012

Synthesis: Pre Exhibition

The BCT exhibition is in two days time and we have moved into the setup stage.  We do not have access to the Chroma Key Room until tomorrow morning and as a result have been focusing today on our studio space and supplementary material.

The installation has been fully mapped previously for our presentation/crit-session several weeks ago, and as a result should make setup this time round much swifter.  The mapping process involves coordinating all the points of the constructs with points of the video feed on-screen.  Even with prior knowledge it is still a time consuming process, which is why we are choosing to focus on the studio space and supplementary material today.  The less we have to do tomorrow the better.

First of all is the contextual statements.  We have decided to collate all our individual contextual statements in a convenient and formatted booklet, along with bibliographies and a group contextual statement.  We aim to take all aspects of the projet seriously, and hope this adds to the level of polish we exhibit.  It also allows our contextual statements to not only be seen as individual interpretations of the work, but allows them to compliment each other by displaying our individual interpretations as a contribution to the whole.

Our blogs and websites are being updated.  My personal site is in transition from one hosting service to another which hopefully goes through by Wednesday -day of the formal studio hand-in.  It has been temporarily redirected to my blog.  Blogs are being loaded with final content, and the Fantail Studios website is being combed through and sorted.
(*edit -website is being temporarily hosted by Lee via

The showreel which will be on display is being finalized and the readied for presentation.  One issue we may face is drawing people from the exhibition floor to the Chroma Key room itself, which is down the hallway.  We have set up the showreel and other visuals to attract people to the space nearest the hallway, and are establishing ways to send people through.  Ideally we would like to have this set up so that it effectively works without our involvement but this may prove difficult.

The showreel is waiting on footage from the running final installation which we will record once we have access to the Chroma Key room.  We can then record to DVD and this element is ready for distribution

Brochures have been printed and will be on display and available in the studio and in the installation space.

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