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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Projection Mapping Studios

Some interesting Studios that are using projection mapping techniques at a commercial level.  

I definitely did not start this course with the intention of becoming involved in public installations as a chosen medium, however the more we as a group pursue this avenue and develop skills related to public installations, the more I realize that this is a very viable option.  The fact that there are studios out there working in this field and killing it makes me excited about the prospect of pursuing it further.  The fact that they are specifically employing 'Creative Technologists' is pretty sweet also.

Michael Hodgson is an Auckland based video artist.  He is a co-founder of the New Zealand interactive video production studio 'The Dub Module'.  They have worked for major clients such as Louis Vuitton, Vodafone and the IRB World Cup showcase.

For more information check their website.

"Obscura Digital, a global innovator in creative vision, technical strategy, and engagaing events, has been delivering entertaining, informative, and educational communications experiences for some of the worlds most forward thinking corporations, governments, museums, and public institutions worldwide for more than a decade.

Once again check out their page for more info.

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