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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Projection Mapping: Visuals (-development)

We began the process of discerning what would actually be going on within our canvas.  This stage took a remarkably long time, and was something we all found difficult.  We are still working on this at the day of formative assessment.

The main difficulty is the idea of using graphics that work together form both aspects, but are individual enough to stand out and make their point.  We are also aiming to use visuals which are abstractions of the concepts themselves, as opposed to direct representations of synthetic and organic elements in action.

With the organic elements we looked at various forms nature takes in its construction, things that are elegant but display intelligent aesthetic and structural qualities.  The formations of beehives and spider webs were discussed and More obscure patterns were discovered such as the shape of frost as it forms, and the movement and lines of bamboo.

With the synthetic side we looked into light formations often found in time lapse photography and cityscapes captured at night.  This video I took a lot away from, due to the simple methods it uses to build a realistic cityscape using very little composition, it essentially relies on the negative space to form the buildings, and is amazingly effective in painting the picture.

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