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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Synthesis: Concept Statement

The installation officially has a name -'Synthesis'.  

After the jump is the conceptual statement for the installation.  Read more if you're interested.

Concept Statement.


Synthesis is an interactive installation created to promote an exploration of organic and synthetic growth within a projected environment. Using emerging technologies, Synthesis aims to engage the audience with an artificial system of interactive construction, and invites participants to become part of the harmony or imbalance created.

Using a process known as projection mapping, Synthesis harnesses a central free-standing geometric sculpture as a canvas. Video feed is mapped and projected onto the many surfaces of the sculpture, inviting audience members to view the installation from 360 degrees, anywhere in the room. Interaction is registered through Kinect sensors, tracking movement and altering the display accordingly.

Developing within the installation is a planar building block-esque formation representing engineered or synthetic construction, and an organic movement based representation which utilizes softer, more flowing aesthetics and palettes. Both are linked to the level of audience interaction; synthetic elements relying on interaction for growth, and organic elements developing in areas with less interaction.

Through the concept of organic and synthetic construction, and the possible result of harmony or imbalance, it is possible to raise questions regarding the nature of man, and the relationship between humanity and its environment. Where does man fit into ‘nature’, and at what point does something become inorganic? Like the ebb and flow of development through time, the Roman aqueducts and the exodus of civilization from the grand cities during the dark ages, Synthesis demonstrates the relationship between organic and synthetic growth, and gives form to these questions.

As the creators of Synthesis we have a firm personal connection with the ideology of harmony and balance. These key themes were a major influence on the construction of the installation. Although not necessarily goal driven, there is an underlying desire that audience members will explore and observe the way they affect the environment, and the consequences of their interaction. With Synthesis, we hope many personal interpretations are formed, and aim to provide the opportunity for participants to explore the concept of harmony and synthesis for themselves.

“Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay.”

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