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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Latest Project Woes

Latest project is proving really tricky.

We are designing a wearable interface to work together with the video produced last time round.  This means we essentially have to take a keyboard or other input peripheral apart, and redesign the systems to work via something that we wear.  we then have to use the new fangled piece of equipment to manipulate the video onscreen.

Some of the examples of similar work blew me away.  At this stage I have no idea how I'm going to use the little programming knowledge, and even less experience with the inner workings of the input devices to achieve what I think is expected.  Most of my time so far has been spent getting my head around the tools, and not on how i can creatively utilize them.

The tricky part I am finding is not the hardware aspect of the project but the programming, and what to do with the material onscreen to re-tell, or re-imagine the video in a creatively inspired way.

I missed a few classes immediately after the last hand-in, and as a result feel like I'm just fishing in the dark. 

Stop whining...

Figure it out.

Love Ryan

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