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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Flaneur: Developing the Star Idea. (Visualization)

Wrote out a HUGE blog entry for this section, and lost it with google downtime.  So apologies if this particular entry feels a little rushed.

Video kind of unrelated to the project. More appropriate than Austin Powers I guess.  Sick visualization though.

With the visualization aspect of this project we had initially planned on using maps of the stars, constellations etc. We discussed possibilities, and what we were capable of doing without letting this become an obstacle.  We moved away from this idea though.  After brainstorming, we came up with the concept of creating musical sound from the footage we shoot.

 The original idea and largest contributing sound will be created by running the time-lapse photography into a midi keyboard on the side of the screen.  We noticed that the existing footage on youtube of similar projects moved from one side of the screen to the other due to the speed increase of the rotation of the earth.  We would map notes on the vertical axis which would be triggered when the stars (colour differentiation stars-night sky) reach that exact point.  When we condense the dusk till dawn footage into a two minute video the audio will play much faster than real-time. Our hope is that this produces something recognisable as music naturally; melody as opposed to noise.

Secondly, an additional camera will be installed which will take a couple of minutes of footage of the night sky.  It will create (using the same Max/MSP colour reading system) harmonic or resonant background noise.  Synthetic like sound to accompany the melody created by the first camera.  This will be affected and changed in relation to quantity and brightness of stars in a stationary position.  This also fulfills the real-time requirement for the brief.

Eventually after compiling the footage from the four different shoots altogether, we will have a body of ambient music and a melody running on top.  Ideally...

The idea came initially from listening to the track 'Pathogens Born of Wormy Interludes' by 'Incubus'.  I really hope we can somehow create sound similar to this with our finished product.  But I guess it's not really up to me, the stars are in charge.

..Also hope it doesn't cloud over till hand-in date..


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