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Monday, 23 May 2011

Flaneur: Second Concept (The Stars)


 Our second concept was all about the stars.  Creating imagery and sound out of the celestial canopy. This bad boy above is what set the ball rolling after initially coming up with the idea.  Just happens to be shot with a fisheye lens too.

The concept would involve using either time-lapse video footage or use long exposure with a still camera to compile a substantial amount of footage, and reduce it into the required two minutes.

 Beautiful time-lapse footage, similar to what we hope to be able to capture.  If it fits into the theme. *fingers crossed.

Changes would be monitored indicating patterns at various locations around Auckland locales.  We would look for changes in brightness or intensity.  We would look at changes brought on by different weather patterns.  Would the viewpoint affect anything at all?

The apparatus at concept stage was very simple, it was something that was definitely going to take a lot of development to create something up to BCT standards and the expectations of the brief.  However apparatus we thought was relatively easy to change to suit meaning.  Functionally we had a lot to accommodate (battling issues such as condensation, ventilation, temperature, security, housing batteries, storage, laptops for real-time visuals) but the apparatus needed some work to make it creatively push boundaries.

Also we thought this concept would be relatively easy to develop a visualization for.  We could map constellations and star charts, define a compass rose via stars, integrate something to do with horoscopes.  There is an existing iphone app related to these ideas.  When scanning the sky with the device a map is displayed onscreen which points out prolific stars and their relation to each other.

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