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Monday, 23 May 2011

Flaneur: Initial Idea (Underwater)

Our initial concept was to utilize water to show a different side of Auckland city.  We were to fully submerge the camera in water to show the city after it had been completely overrun by the ocean.

We were aiming to demonstrate the future, beyond human civilization. After the city had been swallowed by the ocean, after mother nature had taken the planet back.  We aimed to employ the idea that human life is insignificant, and that the planet has us at its mercy.  Something which is easy to forget living in densely populated areas.

Rapture from BioShock.  City devoured by the ocean

We looked at Apparatus first.  The possibilities all revolved around the camera in a fish-tank.  This was then to be attached to a harness and carried on the chest, or possibly carried around in a fitted shopping trolley.  These were both too boring.  We looked at carrying the tank on top of a RC car.  Seemed like an interesting idea but a little unfeasible.

The water concept, also allowed us to use some interesting equipment such as a fish-eye lens to capture the city, we all agree on how wicked the effect of this lens is and hope to incorporate it into future ideas.

Lastly we wanted to use a live fish in the tank with the camera.  It would add realism and allow opportunity to open up the second major component of the brief -the visualization.  The live fish seemed unethical however so we thought about using hydraulics or mobile apparatus to emulate the movements of a fish.  This also developed into visualization involving the three second memory span of a goldfish.  We seemed to have a lot of interesting concepts, but none with the right amount of substance, or heading in the right direction.

Ultimately we struggled to find any conceptual relevance in the concept as a whole.  We were also struggling to find a suitable visualization idea.  So we carried on with brainstorming.

* Really do want to incorporate fisheye lens into the project somehow though.  Will need to find out if we have access to them in BCT.  Also the idea of a fish's movement would be interesting to emulate.  Finding it difficult to research however.

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