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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Red: Wolf / the Bad Guys

The antagonist of Little Red Riding Hood is 'The Wolf'.  He is hungry and malicious, he has already fed on Granny within the tale but is hell bent on chowing down on Little Red Riding Hood next.  Using the guise of Granny as bait, the wolf lures Red' close enough and feasts on his second victim of the day. 

We have chosen to represent 'The Wolf' in a different way.  In our version "The Wolf' is the ambiguous head of a crime syndicate, responsible for the string of human trafficking related kidnappings that Jack has been detective-ing most recently. Ultimately they are responsible for the kidnapping of Marcie, which gives Jack the missing piece of the puzzle he's looking for, and leads to 'The Wolf's demise.

We wanted the wolf to be as mysterious as possible.  We initiallly struggled to determine whether to place 'The Wolf' as the head of the organization, or to have the title refer to the organization itself.  In the end we left this detail somewhat up in the air.  The role was filled by an individual, but the title was never used on camera.

We had a shot towards the beginning of the movie which worked out really well.  It depicted 'The Wolf' in the back of his car, lit and sillhouetted from behind. I feel it accurately demonstrated the importance of the character (being chauffer driven by his henchmen) and retained the enigmatic nature of his character by not revealing his face.  From here we cut to a shot of his hands going through the file, choosing girls as his next kidnapping victims.  We also used this shot to implement a small tattoo on his hand -the alpha symbol from the ancient greek alphabet.  This was to represent his ststus as alpha male of his 'pack'  to play on the idea that the wolf may refer to the group as opposed to the leader himself.

The character was based on concepts rather than existing fictional material.  I suppose a few of the ideas could be taken again from the movie Pulp Fiction -where the main players discuss and introduce the viewer to 'Marcellus Wallace' before the character himself is shown on screen.
Pulp Fiction Scene: Thanks Embedding disabled.

Also I've been running hrough the Mass Effect series recently and comparisons could be drawn between the character of 'The Wolf' and 'The Illusive Man'-for obvious reasons.  Their 'illusiveness', they are calm and assertively coy.  They both end up at the end of their respective titles being a bit of a wimp.

Quite a wicked character.  Fun to play ( both in his attitude, and lack of screentime)  Will try write a seperate entry regarding acting later.

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