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Monday, 11 April 2011

Red: Shot Analysis

Several shots that stood out to me.  Some for technical issues we overcame, some for the developments that were made as a result of the shots themselves.

Shot in the back of my car in our garage.  The back of the car was draped in a black bedsheet to reduce glare from the halogen spotlight shining in from behind.  Also to avoid reflection from the roof of the garage we had to shoot lying on the bonnet with a drop-sheet draped over the camera from the top of the windshield.  headlights and interior car lights were on to try counter the darkness slightly.  We essentially needed to see Cory and Chris in the front seats, and what they were doing.  It was more important however to keep the wolf in the back completely dark -as detailed in the Wolf post.  
Rain was added in Adobe 'Aftereffects' -only after we contemplated bringing hoses into the garage.
One of if not my favorite shot of the entire clip.

 We used these shots to display Red's character without her being the center of attention.  We felt it was important to develop her as an everyday girl.  To show this we introduced her into the shots of Jack, but not as a focal point.  She is wearing the vibrant red hoodie to contrast the dim surroundings and drab dress of the other characters.  It's clear if you're watching a re-imagining of LRRH that the girl in red who keeps popping in and out of shot is gonna be important in some way or another.  I guess this allowed the shot to draw just the right amount of attention to the character.

In this scene we used the focus to clearly display Jack's current frame of mind.  The guy had been up all night drinking and fretting about the current case.  He was a little off-centre and out of focus-just like the camera.  When it does eventually come right again, the aftermath of last night becomes clear.  Sinking Jack's character profile even further into degradation.
It also allowed us to show that time had past since the events of last night.  In effort of continuity we had to spread things out to make the story believable.

Again to show the time lapse.  We had to show a series of shots determining exactly what had happened that day.  The events of Jack's day are unknown, they don't really matter at this point.
Red however has collected and readied presents for Granny and is on her way to the hospital.  When she leaves the house it's daytime.  We show shots of her tracing the skyline at dusk (which looked really polished on the big HD camera), and eventually her arriving at the hospital at night time. just in time to be kidnapped.

The final shot used was Cory's idea and actually turned out a lot better than i initially expected.  The camera was shot from the viewpoint of Wolf- who was backing away in a cowardly attempt to escape his fate.  We see him scrabbling frantically, whilst Jack and Red close on him. Shooting from below gave them textbook height and made them formidable and imposing.  Which was a really neat way to end the film, showing the good guys dominating and getting their own back.

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