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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Network: Installation Summary

I feel it is important now to convey exactly what we will be doing with our installation, as I feel it may not be particularly clear from my previous posts.

  • Users will step into a designated area which is registered with a Kinect motion sensor.
  • This will be set up in front of a large scale projection which will display our living breathing ecosystem.
  • By interacting with individual animals on the screen, users will alter the amount of a particular species that are present in the ecosystem.
  • This will have a flow on affect which will be measured by following the principles of the 'Biomass Pyramid' and Biological Network' diagrams posted earlier (i.e. more turtles =less of what a turtle feeds on + more of what feeds on turtles)
  • The changes will be displayed on screen by numbers of species blowing up or diminishing, which the user will then (if desired) look at rectifying by further altering numbers.
The model essentially mimics the effects of human interaction on the environment by simplifying the effects to direct changes in population of animal Biomass.

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