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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Network: Installation Research II

Our second research component would involve How we would convey our concept through an art installation medium.

We looked at existing installations.  Some of which displayed ecosystems and marine life, some of which were more artistic and ambiguous.

I personally took a lot away from an installation set up by 'Selfridges' in London.  It was titled 'Project Ocean' and demonstrated aquatic life from a side on perspective.  People were motivated to interact with the installation by purchasing fish which would then be displayed.  Proceeds were donated to charity.  It struck a chord with me however as after watching this video I could get a feel for what our installation may look like on screen.  This will be important as my personal contribution to the project will be visual aspects, and developing an aesthetic for the installation.

Clusta : Selfridge's Project Ocean Digital from Clusta on Vimeo.

The group also viewed a local exhibition at the Aotea centre named 'Growth' by Jeffrey Nusz.  It is "an interactive ecosystem where people orchestrate the emergence of digital plants and trees."  essentially movement is registered via a Kinect sensor and manipulates the growth of plant-life on-screen.  After this installation I personally developed the desire to steer away from the potentially childish and bare-bones aesthetics attached to the 'Project Ocean' installation, towards something more abstract and artistic.  I feel like it is important to maintain the message and concept behind our installation, but there must be a more visually stimulating way to display our marine ecosystem.  I feel this is a directional desire that is mutual amongst the entire group.

More information on the 'Growth' installation:

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