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Friday, 28 October 2011

UnReality: My Role

Being in charge of creating visual components of the world was a job i volunteered for.  It would allow me to develop my ability with a tablet, which is something I have been working on lately.  I could also work away at it whilst the group focused on technical tasks.

It was evident that the easiest way to flesh out the alternate reality was to incorporate as many small intricacies as possible.  This was where my role would prove to be important.

Several examples within:

The first and most obvious visual components were logos for both parties.  I created The Adjustment Logo first, it was an idea that I was thinking of as soon as we came up with the name for this party.  Initially I had planned to place a skull in the center of the wrench, however this seemed to make them more of a terrorist cell or violent rebel force.  The wrench itself is obviously a play on tools used to 'adjust', but what was it the group was trying to alter?  -Society, or the World itself.  So i replaced the initial design with a small globe.

The next logo was for the Regulation.  After going through the various feelings and emotions attached to the party I felt it was important to have the logo demonstrate the relationship between "Regulation' as a body of government and its people.  I came up with the hound to represent the obedience they expect citizens to demonstrate, and layered on top of it a honeycomb pattern to imply a hive mentality.

Next was the posters, I created two basic posters which contained the basic hive pattern in the background.  I filled space with definitions of 'propaganda'.  The sparse amount of visuals in these basic posters reflected the bland nature of the 'Regulation' and their sterile approach.  It also allowed for a lot of room on the vandalized posters which accompany them.  They were designed to demonstrate the efforts of The Adjustment, their attitude towards the Regulation forces, and their guerilla tactics.

The next poster was designed to demonstrate that the Regulation forces had a figurehead.  I wanted to make him recognizable but still retain the fact that he was a human being.  More Hitler than Darth Vader (I guess I've already subliminally picked a side)

I was tasked with creating a newspaper to develop the conflict between the two parties.  In hindsight this is somewhat at odds with the idea that the Regulation deny the existence of The Adjustment.  However the Newspaper was a good idea in the sense that we left them lying around the studio several days before the journey was to take place.  This added to the level of depth of the project, hopefully a tutor picked one of these up and had a chance to nosy through one before the event itself.

Lastly of the large contributions made with the visual aspect I created a letterhead, which was adapted into formal registry forms for our tutors to attend the event, and slightly contributed towards an application we used to finish up the journey process and attach some slight closure.

I think the registry form was a nice touch.  It was completely unnecessary but that's what made it such a great addition.  It was well regarded by the tutors also.

Hope they all went down well, and hit the mark.

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