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Monday, 8 August 2011

Aural Terrains. Installation/Performance

We are gearing up for another reasonably large project at the moment.  We have been rather loosely tasked to come up with a presentation or installation to be executed at the Audio Foundation in two weeks time.  For me personally this has come as a massive relief.  The small scale projects were beginning to take a toll on my overall level of stimulation.  I think I'm just the kind of person that needs to be constructively working on something big, or I tend to find myself not working at all.

Cool Video of Non-Newtonian fluid being vibrated on top of a speaker cone.

I have formed a group with Chris Starkey, Ben Clapp, Lee Simpson, and Jared Tobin.  At this stage we are opting to create an interactive sound installation of some description.

We have approached several ideas so far.  First of which was to emulate a 1950's scene complete with old transistor radio, or gramophone, which would be projecting some sort of manipulated broadcast.  This idea was short lived however.  It would be more reliant on a performance based approach which is not really what the group is looking to achieve.

Next Jared brought forward the idea of manipulating different tangible materials using soundwaves, more specifically Non-Newtonian fluids and/or fine powders with bass frequencies.  We would use Different Hz values to resonate either a contact plate on top of a speaker, or the speaker surface itself.  The materials placed on the other side of the plate would vibrate and form patterns as demonstrated with Chladni's Law.

We have most recently started looking at different ways integrate interactivity into the installation.  We are also still brainstorming and developing our concepts.

Stay tuned.


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