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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Aural Terrains. Hand-In One: Sound Bites

Gourmet Listening.

For this hand-in we were tasked with creating a three minute sound clip comprised of recordings we had made this week.  We were to find places of personal interest, and record any noise there that captured our attention. 

With our project we decided to fill our three minute track with sounds created in the kitchen.  I thought this would be a good place to gather samples from.  It would provide interesting "sound-bites" (geddit?) that everyone would be familiar with but not necessarily recognize.

Our recording sessions were organized into two distinct formats. Firstly footage would be gathered whilst cooking and preparation was natural and organic.  Which gave us clips of preparation, of consumption, and of the inevitable clean-up afterwards.  The dining process as a whole.  Also we recorded some footage of particular noisy foods of interest such as popcorn, apples and carrots.  This allowed us to layer both components and make a dynamic three minute track.

It was difficult abandoning the idea of narration with this exercise.  Giving up trying to tell a story with the sounds we had gathered, and instead treat them as raw material to be independently shaped.  This issue was reinforced and questioned with the introductory aspect of our presentation.  Instead of introducing our project as 'themed' around the kitchen, would it have been more interesting and thought-provoking if we had left this detail out, and maintained the raw aspect of creation from sound?  Would reaction to our work change, and would listeners realize that our footage was themed in such a way?

(clip will be attached to entry once uploaded to soundcloud)

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